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10 Billion Trees and Pakistan

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10 Billion Trees and Pakistan

Imran Khan, who’s set to become Pakistan’s next prime minister, has a goal of planting 10 billion trees across the country in five years, Climate Change News reported.
This ambitious pledge builds on Khan’s Billion Tree Tsunami, a reforestation venture that added 350,000 hectares of trees in the northwestern territory of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa between 2014-2017. The point was to reestablish the locale’s exhausted forests and battle the impacts of a dangerous atmospheric devation.
If you plant trees, we have discovered, by the river banks it sustains the rivers. But most importantly, the glaciers that are melting in the mountains, and one of the biggest reasons is because there has been a massive deforestation. So, this billion tree is very significant for our future,” Khan told Voice of America after the billionth tree was successfully planted last August.

Pakistan is no more unusual to mass reforestation endeavors. In 2013, the Sindh Forest Department at Kharochan in Pakistan’s Thatta region set a Guinness World record for planting 847,275 trees in 24 hours.

Erik Solheim, the head of the United Nations’ Environment Program, praised the new tree-planting program.

“Good to see this strong message from @ImranKhanPTI to plant 10 billion trees! Pakistan is one of the countries at the frontlines of climate change,” he tweeted.
The country has as meager as 2.2 percent of aggregate forest area Pakistan Today reported. Experts have warned that Pakistan could run out of forests in the next 50 years if deforestation continues at current rates.
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What’s more, Pakistan is among the six countries that will be most affected by climate change, that reforestation is critical to mitigating the effects of a worldwide global warming.
“PTI is the one party which has taken a bold initiative on the green platform,” Malik Amin Aslam, who drafted the climate section of the PTI manifesto, told Climate Home News. “Pakistan is facing the brunt of climate change, so I think climate preparation, making sure our development is totally climate compatible, our infrastructure is resilient to climate shocks, is going to be the very high priority.
The party’s ecological vows incorporate water protection activities, green construction laws and supporting clean energy. Be that as it may, as Climate Change News brought up, it likewise advances expanded utilization of local coal holds from Thar territory keeping in mind the end goal to decrease dependence on imports.
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