Abutilon bidentatum

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Abutilon bidentatum





Erect or somewhat spreading shrub.

Branches stellate pubescent, mixed with weak simple spreading hairs.

Leaves 2.15.5 cm long, 1.5-12 cm broad, broadly ovate, deeply cordate at base, acute to acuminate at apex, serrate, stellate tomentose and velvety on both sides, 7-9 nerved, rarely 3-angular; petiole as long as blade, stellate tomentose mixed with weak, sparse, simple, spreading hairs; stipules 3-4 mm long, filiform.

Flowers axillary, solitary, pedicel 2-4 cm long, in fruit up to 1-8 cm, articulate and geniculate near the apex.

Calyx 5-lobed, 5-7mm long, densely pubescent on both sides, slightly accrescent, erect, ultimately reflexed; lobes lanceolate.

Corolla pale yellow to yellow, c.1.5 cm across; petals 7-9 mm long, 4-5 mm broad, obovate.

Staminal column 2-3 mm long, stellate pubescent. Fruit 8-10 mm long, ± 10 mm across; mericarps 13-16, at maturity, spreading stellately separating after dehiscent, 5-8 mm long, 3 mm broad, acute to acuminate, awn 1-2 mm long, stellate pubescent towards the margin.

Seeds 3, brown 1.5 mm across.

Abutilon bidentatum classification
Source: WikiSpecies


A rare plant. Found in Sangar (District Sherani), Ziarat, Loralai in Balochistan.

Abutilon bidentatum
Picture location: Hafizabad (Mekhtar) District Loralai



Flora of Balochistan – Pakistan

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