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Acanthophyllum sordidum

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Acanthophyllum sordidum




Spiny undershrub. Branches many, 8-15 cm, minutely pubescent, ± glabrous; the older basal portions developing a whitish-green bark. Leaves 10-20 x 2-3 mm, subulate-acerose, pubescent, ± glandular, patent or pointing upwards, shallow concave or flat above, convex beneath, sessile, apex ending in a brownish spine. Fascicles sometimes present in the axils. Flowers in dense terminal, sessile corymbs. Bracts linear-lanceolate, densely glandular-pubescent, apex acuminate-spiny. Calyx 6-7 mm, cylindrical, glandular-pubescent; teeth triangular at the apex, spiny; nerves obscure. Petals white, c. 7 mm, oblong-linear, limb dentate at the apex. Ovary 8-10 ovulate (Schischkin, l.c.)


Found in Zhob, Loralai, Ziarat, and Quetta. Also in Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.
Fairly common in Baluchistan at c. 1520 m. Resembles A. squarrosum but distinguished by its thicker leaves, very dense inflorescence and glandular pubescence on the bracts and calyx.
Acanthophyllum sordidum
Flora of Balochistan – Pakistan
Flora of Pakistan

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