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Acer negundo L.

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Acer negundo L. Family


Acer negundo L. English Name

Ashleaf Maple, Plains Mapple, Box Alder

Acer negundo L. Local Name


Acer negundo L.

Acer negundo L. Description

This is rapidly growing tree that grows up to the height of 8 to 25 m, and the trunk diameter of trunk is about is about 25 to cm. The shoot of the tree is generally green in color with violet or pinkish white waxy coating when the tree is young. Branches of the tree are smooth and brittle and tend to maintain a green color instead of becoming hard dead bark. The color of the trunk is light brown to pale grey, scaly and deeply cleft into the broad ridges. It has compound leaves with 3 to 7 leaflets; the leaflets are about 6 to 12 cm long and 3 to 8 cm wide and have light green color. Flowers are small and yellowish green in color. The fruits are samaras and are present in pairs.

Acer negundo L.

Acer negundo L. Distribution

This specie is native to North America and been introduced to different parts of Asia and Europe. It can easily be found in South Asia including Pakistan and India. And it is also widely distributed in Central Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Poland. It has also been naturalized in eastern China and can be found in some of the areas having low temperatures in Australian continent where it is listed as invasive species. It prefers to grow in moist lands, streams banks and floodplains and the areas where there is enough supply of water like riparian habitat. 

Acer negundo L.

Acer negundo L. Uses

This plant is tolerant to waterlogging but it is also recognized as a drought-tolerant tree once established. Therefore it is suggested for locations which suffer from both droughts and water logging conditions. This is rapidly growing plant, so it can also be used as ornamental plants

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