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Aegiceras corniculatum.

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Aegiceras corniculatum. Family


Aegiceras corniculatum. English Name


Aegiceras corniculatum. Local Name


Aegiceras corniculatum.

Aegiceras corniculatum. Description

This plant is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing up to about 5 to 7 m tall. The leaves of the plant are alternate and 30 to 100 mm long and 15 to 50 mm wide and are minutely dotted. Its small white flowers are produced as umbellate clusters of about 10 to 30, with a peduncle up to 10 mm long and with pedicels 10 to 20 mm long. The calyx is 2 to 5 mm long and corolla is 4 to 7 mm long. The fruit is light green to pink in color, curved, cylindrical or horn-shaped, and 20 to 80 mm. The fruits and seeds are well adapted to water dispersal.

Aegiceras corniculatum.

Aegiceras corniculatum. Distribution

This plant is distribution in coastal and estuarine areas ranging from South Asia (including Pakistan and Indian) to southern China, New Guinea and Australia. It prefers to grow in Mangrove swamps, muddy flats, coasts.

Aegiceras corniculatum.

Aegiceras corniculatum. Uses

Its wood is hard and used to make knife handle. The wood is also used for fuel. It has also medicinal value; the extract of the plant has analgesic properties, which means it supports fight against diabetes

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