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Afforestation of Coastal, Inland and Sand Dunes

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  • Riverine and inland are two forests in Sindh
  • Forests lying in the vicinity of Riverine Forests are called Inland forests _ fig

Afforestation of Coastal, Inland and Sand Dunes - Forestrypedia

  • Similarly, forests situated near the border of the sea are coastal forests. These are sandy so-called Coastal Lands
  • Coastal sands have a moderate temperature, high humidity, water table near the surface, and more lime content in comparison with inland.
  • The salinity of water is less if it is close to the mouth of the river
  • Instability is frequent, the sands are blown away by winds or from other areas accumulated here

General Consideration:

  • These coastal sands are the result of the deposition of the silt and sand particles
  • Same is the process with Cholistan and Rajhistan Deserts

Soil Preparation:

  • On sea coast make pits for planting for holding irrigation water
  • In a desert, no need of pits just removes the grasses and weeds around the plant but not from interspaces because of these help in protecting from wind pressure.


  • The first step in this direction is the growing of grasses and shrubs like Acacia jaequemanti, Tamarix spp, Calligomium spp, Saccharum spp, etc are preferred.
  • Plant everything in wind direction.
  • Sometimes gully bags are hanged across wind direction.
  • Oil or tar coal or bitumen can be sprayed over sand. Once the soil is stabilized then spp are selected.
  • Near the sea, Casuarina equisetifolia is planted while in Sindh Coconut is successfully planted.

Image: Mangroves Planting | Jewani, Gwadar, Balochistan | June 08, 2011 | Captured by Author

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