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Afforestation on Denuded Hill Slopes

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General Considerations:

  • To reduce siltation of dams
  • Rising of water level in river beds due to siltation
  • Reducing floods
  • Timber and fuelwood production

Site Condition:

  • Slopes are either wet slopes and dry slopes
  • Wet slopes are found in cold region eg Temperate dry slopes in areas of 15in – 20in rainfall
  • On dry slopes, no or thin soil is found except depressions
  • Soil is shallow, stony and poor in nutrients
  • Completely exposed to sun and no retention of water
  • Diseases are more and mortality is high

Choice of Species:

  • Indigenous spp are selected
  • Species should be hardy, having coppicing power and should cover the ground eg Ailanthus spp

Soil Preparation:

  • Since soil is in undulations, spacing cannot be recommended
  • Sowing should be in patches
  • For ridge and trench sowing shallow pits are to be dug
  • Planting and sowing is cracks and near boulders is favorable

Tending Operations:

  • Weeding is done to reduce transpiration
  • Weeding is not done in interspaces
  • Mulching is also done to reduce evaporation
  • Protection against grazing and browsing is very important
  • Grass cutting can be allowed.


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