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Afforestation on Highway Plantation

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General Considerations:

  • The main purpose is a shade
  • Other purposes include:
    • Camouflage
    • Beautification
    • Timber Production
    • Soil compaction
    • Shelterbelt, etc

Site Condition:

  • Highway run through dry tropical as well as temperate zone
  • Mostly pass through populated areas and where usually water is available
  • There may be some inhospitable sites like waterlogged and saline areas

Choice of Spp:

  • Adaptable as well as indigenous spp should suit to available space
  • Select a spp which shades on road as well as on the strip
  • Always plant two to three avenues
  • a tree which is moderately fast growing and provide dense shade should be selected
  • The trees selected should provide shade not on the side, but also in the center of the road
  • trees with an umbrella or sub-umbrella crowns like Neem, imli, and Mango are more suitable then trees with linear elongated crowns
  • Brittle trees and thorny should be avoided on the roadside avenue because brittle trees have weak wood and break easily in the wind storm. The result is the heavy block of traffic for considerable lengths of time and during a storm
  • This tees as a positive are avoided as their thorns are a nuisance for the pneumatic tires of small cars, cycles, and motorcycles.
  • Trees should be fruitless
  • Trees should not be planted over pipelines, transmission or phone lines


  • It is needed in arid areas
  • The best method is flow irrigation, in some areas trench irrigation is also used
  • In the scarcity of irrigation, water tanker can be used and manually irrigation can also be done


  • Supervision is required against children, grazing animals, offender, etc
  • The fixture of the drum around the plant or open brick alls with holes are also frequent
  • Thorny bushes and mud walls are also used for the purpose.

Image: New Date Palm Plantation on University Road Karachi | December 27, 2018 | Captured by Author

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