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Afforestation on Waterlogged and Saline Areas

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General Considerations:


When land is thoroughly soaked with water, it is called Waterlogged. Waterlogging has two categories:

Perpetual Waterlogging:

Land remains waterlogged all the year. Water table merged into surface soil and accompanied by salts at times. Perpetual Waterlogging and salinity together occur in an area which receives less rainfall. The salts creep up the surface. These salts accumulate and form a pan. In perpetual Waterlogging, no spp can be grown. This also depends upon the degree of salinity that may make possible to grow something.

Seasonal Waterlogging:

In some areas, it is confined to few months via water table sinks down or water drained away. Here some spp can survive like Willow spp.


  • The solution for Waterlogging is drainage
  • Deep channels should be dug to take away water.
  • Irrigate the area to dissolve salts and decrease salinity

Afforestation of Saline Earth:

  • Salinity is due to Na, Mg, and K.
  • It depends upon nature of Salts.
  • In fewer saline areas, Tamarix is grown
  • For heavily saline areas, first, get rid of salts by irrigation and the plant
  • Pseuda fruticosa, Salix spp, Terminalia arjune and Syzigium cumuni, is also grown.
  • In deserts, salts are thrown away first then Ricinous communis etc are grown.

Image: Planting of Eucalyptus Spp on a Saline Area under Green Pakistan Programme | Tamboo Naseerabad Balochistan | February 5, 2018 | Captured by Author

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