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  • Most of the Artificial regeneration work nowadays is being done is concerned with the propagation of more valuable spp
  • Afforestation (to convert land not previously forested into forest by planting trees) has got much more attention on account of the increasing demand in the country, to overcome the deforestation, to control the cutting of forests for timber and fuel woods, to control grazing habits and finally to give a hand in the economy of the country.
  • Needs for soil and water conservation also call for the afforestation of the catchments areas of hydro-electric and irrigation reservoirs
  • There are sites such as areas of shifting sand or swampy land, where afforestation is demonstrably the best method of remedying the unfavorable soil conditions and bringing the land into production
  • In arid tracts, where forests cannot be raised economically the improvement of grasses, herbs and shrubs are aimed at to make better use of the land for grazing.
  • It has recently been estimated that the more or less idle land capable of being planted to trees in the plains of Pakistan is about 1 million acres consisting of 500,000 acres of riverain land, 400,000 acres of coastal land, and 565,000 acres of scrub. There is, in addition, a very large area of treeless hill land. _ Champion, Seth, and Khattak

Image: Afforestation on a saline/waterlogged block under Green Pakistan Programme. | Naseerabad Balochistan | June 8, 2018 | Captured by Author

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