Argyrolobium stenophyllum

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Argyrolobium stenophyllum




Perennial herb. Taproot up to 4-5 mm thick. Stem branched, pilose. Stipules free lateral, c. 4 mm long. Leaf palmately compound. Petiole c. 3-8 mm long. Leaflets c. 8-23 mm long, c. 2-3.5 mm broad, linear-lanceolate, entire, acute, pilose on both sides, sometimes subglabrous above. Inflorescence a 1-4-flowered raceme; peduncle up to 3 cm long. Pedicel c. 1-2 mm long, bract linear, c. 2-2.5 mm long, pilose. Calyx 5-6 mm long, bilabiate, upper teeth c. 2-2.5 mm, lower teeth c. 1 mm long. Vexillum c. 5-6 mm long, c. 3 mm broad; wing c. 4.5 mm long; keel c. 6 mm long. Filaments c. 5 mm long. Ovary sessile, 5-6 mm long; densely pilose. Fruit 2-3 cm long, 3-5 mm broad, 5-8-seeded, pilose, hairs brown, dehiscent along both sutures.

Fl. Per.: April.

Credit: Azmat


Loralai 1500 m. Pakistan (Punjab, N.W.F. Province), Afghanistan.


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