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Basic statistics of Forestry

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Basic statistics of Forestry Forest area in each province
Ziarat – Balochistan

Basic statistics of Forestry

Total area of Pakistan
87.98 million ha (including AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan
Cultivation land
21.20 million ha (24.10%)
Forest area
4,60 million ha (5.23%)
Uncultivated land
Culturable waste (lands which are available for cultivation but cannot be cultivated on account of some reasons like lack of water. etc)
8.34 million
Unclassified area
29.43 million ha (33.45%)

Area by vegetation type

Coniferous forest
1946 thousand ha
Scrub forest
1584 thousand ha
Riverine Forest
 273 thousand ha
Irrigated forest
 254 thousand ha
Coastal forest

Forest area in each province

·                 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1.16 million ha
·                 Punjab                0.53 million ha
·                 Sindh                   0.59 million ha
·                 Balochistan       0.95 million ha
·                 Gilgit Baltistan 0.95 million ha

                 ·                 AJK                     0.42 million ha 

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