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Callistemon Viminalis Cheel.

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Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. Family


Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. English Name

Bottle Brush

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. Local Name

Bottle Brush

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel.

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. Description

A small evergreen tree, with drooping branches. Leaves, about 7 cm longed, are alternate, lanceolate, narrowed at both ends, sharply pointed and gland dotted. The leaves are spirally grouped toward the ends of the branchlets which hang vertically. The red flowers are in terminal spikes 7 to 15 cm long. Flowering begins about May and persists for an extended period. The fruit, a small woody capsule, contains many seeds. The capsules open and ripen between July and September. The empty capsules may persist on the ends of branches for a year. It is reproduced both from seed and by vegetative means. It’s very small, red seeds are numerous. Diameter growth rate is slow, 0.4 cm/yr. Spiral, very close grained, evenly distributed with sapwood of grey or red color.

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel.

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. Distribution

The tree is native to Australia. It has been successfully planted on avenues and in gardens in Pakistan. A highly prized ornamental as it would grow where others do not due to inbuilt capacity to survive on difficult sites. A very intolerant tree that will not grow well in shade. It is cultivated on a large variety of sites and can withstand periods of drought. It prefers a semi-humid warm hot, sub-tropical winter/monsoon climate. It can survive some frost but grows best below an elevation of 2200 m.

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel.

Callistemon Viminalis Cheel. Uses

The tree has value as an ornamental. It produces an abundance of pollen and nectar which gives impetus for its use in honey production. Also used for Ornamental and honey production.

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