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Moringa (Sohanjna) – The Superfood (Urdu Featured Article)

By Hafiz Masood Ahmed Lecturer in Forestry Agricultural University Faisalabad سوہانجنا: سپر فوڈ، نباتاتی ادویہ میں سرفہرست حافظ مسعود احمد،

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Moringa Tea: Fat Loss, Blood Pressure Control And Other Incredible Benefits

Moringa oleifera (locally called Sohanjna) has been titled with different words and phrases like miracle herb, superfood or miracle tree.

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7 Miraculous Benefits of Moringa (Sohanjna)

7 Miraculous Benefits of Moringa oleifera What is Moringa? Often referred to as the “miracle tree,” the fast-growing moringa tree

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