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Conocarpus erectus

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Conocarpus erectus. Family


Conocarpus erectus. English Name


Conocarpus erectus. Local Name


Conocarpus erectus

Conocarpus erectus. Description

This plant is a dense multiple-trunked shrub, it is 1 to 4 m tall, but can grow into a tree up to 20 m or more tall, its trunk is up to 1 m in diameter. The bark of the plant is thick and has broad plates of thin scales which are grayish brown. The leaves of the plant are alternately arranged and about 2 to 7 cm long and 1 to 3 cm broad, leaves are dark green and shiny on top, and paler with fine silky hairs underneath, and have two salt glands at the base of each leaf. The fruits have button like shape and are 5 to 8 mm diameter. The fruit is a cluster of red to brown, small scaly and are 5 to 15 mm long. The seed heads burst when ripe.

Conocarpus erectus

Conocarpus erectus. Distribution

This species is widely distributed in coastal communities in tropical America, and West Africa It was introduced in Hawaii, Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In Pakistan it was successfully cultivated in Karachi city. It can thrive in high temperatures and absorbs brackish water.

Conocarpus erectus

Conocarpus erectus. Uses

The tree is used as an ornamental plant after introduction in Karachi Pakistan it dramatically transformed the city landscape and provided a thick shadow to the humans and animals.. The wood is sometimes used to make cabinets. It is also used as firewood, as it burns very hot and slowly. The bark is high in tannin, for which it has been harvested commercially. 

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