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Cupressus arizonica

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Cupressus arizonica. Family


Cupressus arizonica. English Name

Arizona Cypress

Cupressus arizonica. Local Name

Gulabi saru

Cupressus arizonica

Cupressus arizonica. Description

A 15 to 25 m tall tree, conic in shape. Branches are not compressed. Leaves are acute, blue grey to greyish green, about 2 mm long. The margins are finely toothed. The bark is rough reddish-brown greying with fine abrasion. Mature cones are 12 to 25 mm across with 6 to 8 scales. They stay on the tree for many years. It is reproduced from seed. It is a comparatively fast-growing cypress tree. It can grow 1 m/yr in height under favorable conditions. Close grained Soft, greyish yellow with average strength. 

Cupressus arizonica

Cupressus arizonica. Distribution

This tree is native to Arizona and New Mexico in the United States of America and to Mexico. It has been planted in Pakistan as an ornamental around homes and in Balochistan in juniper forests as a replacement species. A tree that is well adapted to semi-arid conditions. In extremely arid regions it needs irrigation for establishment but subsequently survives in precipitation zones of 300 to 350 mm/yr. It can stand frost and snow. This tree might be grown in large plantations in arid regions of Pakistan, especially in Balochistan.

Cupressus arizonica

Cupressus arizonica. Uses

Afforestation and ornamental.

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