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Ehretia acuminata R. Br

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Ehretia acuminata R. Br. Family


Ehretia acuminata R. Br. English Name

Koda Tree

Ehretia acuminata R. Br. Local Name


Ehretia acuminata R. Br

Ehretia acuminata R. Br. Description

This plant be a small to large tree with a very dense or thick canopy, its height ranges from 3-15m high but a grown and fully developed can be much higher. Specimens up to 30m have been found in Australia and trunk is of about 90cm in diameter. This plant remains green throughout the year, though in very temperatures it can become deciduous. The trunk or bole is straight and cylindrical. The leaves are simple and finely toothed and have the length of about 8-13cm. Smooth and green on both surfaces slightly hairy above. Flowers are small, white and have diameter of about 4mm. Seed shows rapid germination.

Ehretia acuminata R. Br

Ehretia acuminata R. Br. Distribution

This plant is a deciduous tree and can be found in Australia, China, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Vietnam, New Zealand, Guinea and in Pakistan. Fossil evidence showed that this plant has an earliest Laurasian origin and study also suggested that when the continents were joined this group of plants spread from Australia to South America throughout Africa. Commonly known as Koda in Australia, Ehretia acuminata is a common tree found from near Bega in south-east New South Wales to Cape York in far northern east Australia. The Australian habitat is of this plant is much different from other localities.

Ehretia acuminata R. Br

Ehretia acuminata R. Br. Uses

It has edible, medicinal, and commercial uses. The fruit can be eaten as raw as it has a sweet taste the mature fruit can be pickled and eaten. The leaves and branches anciently used to make medicines particularly in China. It can also be used for roadside plantings, building and furniture.

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