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Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell

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Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. Family


Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. English Name

Red gum, Cadagi tree, Cadaghi tree

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. Local Name

Lachi, Sufaida

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. Description

This plant is evergreen plant, and it grows to a height of 25-30m. The trunk is rough and grey to black on lower trunk, smooth grey-green above. Alternate or opposite leaves, simple, leathery, and rough to touch, ovate to 20cm long and 11cm wide, with wavy margins. It has white flowers are they borne in large clusters at the tips of the branches. Its woody capsules are 9-13mm long and 10-14mm wide. They are rounded and have three compartments.

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. Distribution

This plant is native to the moist, tropical lowland climate of northern east Australia, where it can be found at the height from 100-800m. Its natural range is from Cooktown to Ingham and inland as far as the Windsor Tablelands. It is a fast-growing plant has been used in gardens and as a landscaping tree and has established itself beyond its natural distribution.

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell

Eucalyptus torelliana F Muell. Uses

This can be used in horticulture; it is a fast-growing tree that has been used as a street and garden tree and this tree can be suitable for reforestation. It has also some agroforestry uses; the crown of this specie is probably the densest crown of all the eucalypts, so it can be use d as shade. Essential oil is obtained from the leaves. Total quantity of the oil, and its composition, can vary widely from plant to plant. The light to chocolate-brown wood is hard, strong and durable so long as it is not in contact with the ground.

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