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Flood – Types and Causes

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Flood – Types and Causes


  • Whenever the amount or quantity of water is exceeded in a reservoir and exceeds banks of the river when it comes out and damages human property, then is the flood.”


Long Rain floods:

  • Low-Intensity rainfall
  • Continue for several days
  • The storage capacity of the drainage basin is exceeded
  • Additional rainfall moves to streams and causes the flood.
  • More common cause of the world

Snowmelt floods:

  • Melting of excessive snow packs or rapid increase of temperature
  • At times accompanies with rainfall

Flash floods:

  • High-intensity rainfall
  • Local, for a short period
  • Most in summer but can occur any time

Frozen soil flood:

  • Ice on soil (freezes)
  • Snowfall but infiltration is not possible
  • When rain falls, causes the flood
  • Known as frozen soil flood

Tidal Floods:

  • In coastal areas due to tides of seas
  • May overflow in the nearby areas
  • These may be due to:
    • Attraction of moon
    • Rise and fall of tides during day and night 


  • Construction and roads and buildings
  • Deforestation
  • Fire
  • Clear felling
  • Grazing
  • Construction
  • Type of rainfall
  • Characteristics of w-shed
  • Sedimentation

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