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Forest Diseases and Causal Agents (Tabulated)

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Forest Diseases and Causal Agents

Casual Agent
The Powdery Mildew
Phyllactinia dalbergia (Ascomycetes)
Leaf spot/ leaf mould
Cercospora sissoo (Deuteromycetes)
Leaf blight
Glomerella cingulata
Leaf rust
Uredo sissoo (Basidiomycetes)
Leaf wilt
Fusarium oxysporum (Deuteromycetes)
Shisham Die-back
i. Botryodiplodia theobrumi
Ganoderma root rot
Ganoderma lucidum
Stem Blister/ Rust of Chir
Cronartium himalayensae
Stem Blister/ Rust of Kail
Cronartium ribicola
Witch’s Broom
Peridermium cedri
Red Ring Rot of Conifer
Phellium pini
Heart rot
Polyporous hispudus
Butt rot
Ganoderma appalantum
Twig and Girdling
Coryneum mori
Die-back of Mulberry
Hendersonula toruloidea
Nursery Diseases
Damping off
i. Fusaurim ii. Phytophthora iii. Pythium        iv. Rhizoctonia v. Corticium
Water mark
i. Bactrium salics ii. Pseudoman salicipedra
Vein clearing disease
Juniper Dwarf Misteltoe
Areuthobium oxcendri
Insect Name
Poplar Defoliator
Ichthyuva anastomosis
Poplar sapwood borer or Quetta borer
Aeolesthes sarta
Nut Weevils
Curculionidae spp
Chalghoza cone borer
Dioryctria abietella
Cutworm nursery pest
Agrotis ypsilon
Kail defoliator
Biston regalis
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