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Forest Types of Khuzdar

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Forest Types of Khuzdar Balochistan by Mohammad Amin Mengal (Conservator of Forests Kalat Division)

Forest Types of Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan


Khuzdar is the divisional headquarter of Kalat Division. On 1st March 1974, it was declared as a separate district. It is situated at a distance of 305 Km. from Quetta towards Karachi. The district has five tehsils namely Khuzdar, Wadh, Naal, Moola, and Zehri. Jhal Magsi is in its East, Awaran & Washuk are in its West, Kalat is in its North and Lasbela is in its South.

Forest Types of Khuzdar -
Forest Types of Khuzdar –


It is a mainly mountainous area consisting of numerous ridges and valleys of varying width. The important hill ranges are Pab, Kirthar etc.


Most rainfall occurs during the months of July and August during the period on monsoon but winter rainfall also occurs during the months of Dec. to Feb. Mean annual rainfall is >100mm.


It has a warm summer and mild winter. Average maximum temperature is 35-40 C during the month of June and the Average minimum is 5-7 C during the month of January.


Khuzdar is at an elevation of about 1200m-1250m from sea level.

Forest Types of Khuzdar

Forest Types of Khuzdar

Khuzdar has diverse vegetation types due to its geographical position. It has three main Forest types namely:

  1. Dry Temperate Forests
  2. Sub Tropical Broad-Leaved Evergreen Forests
  3. Tropical Thorn Forests

Dry Temperate Forests

These forests have open vegetation and open undergrowth. These types of Forests are mainly situated in the Transitional zone of district Khuzdar and Kalat. Tehsil Zehri and its adjacent areas. Main tree species are Juniperus excelsa (Hapurs), Pistacia khinjuk (Goan) and  Shrubs are Artemisia maritima (Jir), Withania cougulans (Panerband), Alhaji camelorum (Shinz). Forest Types of Khuzdar  -

Sub Tropical Broad-Leaved Evergreen Forests

Most of the area of District Khuzdar consists of this type of Forests and the areas having this type of Forests are Tehsil Khuzdar, Wadh Moola, Naal and Sub Tehsil Karkh and Ornach. Main tree species are Olea feruginea (Khat/ Zaitoon), Dodonia viscosa (Anar Terik/ Sanatha), Tecoma undulatae (Parpuk), Dalbergia sissoo (Shisham), and shrubs are Nannorhopus ritchiana (Pish), Rhyzia stricta (Hash warg) and grasses are Cymbopogon jwarancusa (Hawe), Lepidium draba (Garbust) Saccharum cilliare (Kashum).

Nannorrhops ritchiana
Nannorrhops ritchiana
Tecomella undulata
Tecomella undulata

Tropical Thorn Forests

The forests mainly occur in the transitional zone of Khuzdamainly occurstrict and the areas having such types of Forests are Kuraro, Sonaro, Shah Noorani, and Saroona. Main tree species are Prosopis cineraria (Mar/ Kandi), Zizyphus mauritiana (Pissi/ Ber), Caparis aphyla (Kalir/Karir), Salvadora oleoides (Kabar/ Peel), Acacia nilotica (Babur/ Kikar).

(Video) Prosopis cineraria (Kandi/Mar) Pure Stands? at Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan | Forestrypedia (Forest Types of Khuzdar)


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