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Forests in Balochistan

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Forests in Balochistan

Conifer Forests

Juniper Forests

Ziarat & Kalat

Chilgoza & Blue Pine Forests

Zhob & Musakhel
Pinus gerardiana. Chilghoza forest. Takhte Sulaiman Mountain. 3400 m. District Sherani (Zhob).

Scrub Forests

Olive, Pistachio & Acacia, Tecoma Forests

Zhob, Harnai, Musakhail, Loralai, Barkhan, Kohlu, Ziarat, K. Saifullah, K. Abdullah, Quetta, Kalat & Khuzdar
Harnai Olive Scrub - Forests in Balochistan

Desert Scrub

Tamarix & Haloxylon Forests

Kharan & Chagai
Tamarix Forests at Killa Saifullah Balochistan Tamarix Forests at Killa Saifullah Balochistan

Thorn Forests

Prosopis & Acacia Forest

Sibi, Jhal Magsi, Bolan, Dera Bugti, Panjgoor, Kech & Lasbella
Acacia SIbi

Coastal Forests

Mangrove Forests

Sonmiani, Kalmat & Jewani
Coastal Development Balochistan

Rangelands in Balochistan

Rangelands in Balochistan

Wildlife in Balochistan

Wildlife in Balochistan
Wildlife in Balochistan 1

(Video) Forests of Balochistan Pakistan

Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani is working as Conservator of Forests in Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department (BFWD). He is the CEO of Tech Urdu ( Forestrypedia (, All Pak Notifications (, Essayspedia, etc & their YouTube Channels). He is an Environmentalist, Blogger, YouTuber, Developer & Vlogger.

2 thoughts on “Forests in Balochistan

  • Nasrullah Khan

    Dear Dr. Naeem
    Our research group is working on the Ecological niche modeling of Pinus gerardiana across its distribution limits in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. It would be great if you could share us ( the geographical coordinates (Lat and Long) of different Pinus gerardiana forests in Balochistan please.
    Nasrullah Khan

    • Pinus gerardiana is found in Sherani, Zhob and Musakhel Districts of Balochistan. I’ll try to get the co-ordinates of the specific area. Good luck with your research.


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