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Hinglaj Nani Mandir – A Journey from Chandar Gup to Anil Kumb

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Hinglaj Nani Mandir Mela (Pilgrimage)

Hinglaj Nani Mandir located in Hingol National Park is located at a distance of about 300 km from Karachi and 140 km from Uthal – Head Quarter of Lasbela District. Every year a three-day congregation is held at the site. Pilgrims from all over Pakistan and occasionally from other parts of the world especially India come to attend the three-day Mela. The three-day Mela holds in the month of March or April (the date varies yet it occurs in either of these months).

Kaali Matha Asthan - Hinglaj Nani Mandir Mela
Kaali Maa’ta Asthan

“Hinglaj Mandir dates back 0.2 million years. Hingol was the name of a King who ruthlessly ruled the area. The noble lady – Nani came as their savior and decapitated the kind. As the last wish of the Hingol King, the area named as Hinglaj.” – stated by Shri Bhopal Daas (Maharaj present at Mandir)

(Video) The story of Nani Mandir Hingol National Park by Maharaj Bhopal Daas

“Every year more than 1 Lac pilgrims come from all over the world. People come here for self-satisfaction and purification of their soul. The importance of this mela is equivalent to performing of Hajj for Muslims”. _ further added by Shri Bhopal Daas

Interview of Shri Bhopal Daas
Interview of Shri Bhopal Daas

More than 80,000 people attended the mela this time. They, at first, go to Chandar-Gup (a mud volcano at an elevation of 300 feet from sea level and probably of the largest/highest of its nature in the word). They, then, offer their prayers at Ganesh, Kali Ma’ata Yatra, Hinglaj Ma’ata Mandir, and finally to Anil Kumb.

(Video) Inside of Nani Mandir Hingol National Park | Occasion Maha Yatra | April 18, 2014

“The heat is intense and the climbing is tough. The more we suffer; the more reward we get. This is my third time consecutively I am attending the occasion and I pray to Ma’ata that I attend it in the upcoming years”. – said a pilgrim while climbing over the Chandar-Gup.

(Video) Hindu Pilgrimages ascending at Chandar Gup Live Mud Volcano Hingol National Park

Pilgrims on Chandar-gup (Mud Volcano)
Pilgrims on Chandragup (Mud Volcano)

A large number of stalls were established in the vicinity of the Nani-Mandir especially at its entranceway. Hinglaj Shew Mandli Lasbela organized the arrangements of the congregation. President Shew Mandli Shri Mukhi Shewa Raam said that they were not expecting such a large number of Yatri this year. Nevertheless, they left no stone unturned to facilitate the pilgrims. The availability of food and water and free boarding was at the top priority. Free medical camps were established by the Health Department and polio drops were given to children. Special Security arrangements were made by District Administration.

Stall at the entrance of Mandir
Stall at the entrance of Mandir

As soon as the mela is finished there are heaps of debris in and around the Hinglaj despite the fact the Hingol National Park Management (Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department) has provided with large dustbins. The water of the area completely becomes contaminated and unable to be used by anyone even wild animals and birds.

As Nani Hinglaj Mandir is inside Hingol National Park so Hingol National Park Management played their role as well especially with reference to control of pollution in and around the Mandir. Large dust-bins were installed at a number of places and board with the message to cleans the sacred place were erected as well.

Shri Bhopal and Deputy Conservator of Forests Mr. Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani
Shri Bhopal and Deputy Conservator of Forests Mr. Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani

Hingol National Park Management
Hingol National Park Management

Edhi Ambulances were present the site and a large number of Levies Force was also deployed in the area. The fire-brigade and other necessary arrangements were made by Municipal Committee.

“Though the arrangements are better than previous years, yet we are lacking drinking water. The recent rains are a blessing and kept the environment pleasant”– said a pilgrim

The Hinglaj Mela occurs once a year. People attend the Mela – bath in the Holy Water from Anil Kumb and all their sins are washed away. People from India wish to attend the Mela but due to passport problems and law and order of the country, they miss this sacred occasion.

Soon after the mela the Shew Mandli and Hingol Management co-ordinate with each other and clean the debris of the area and the contaminated water.

(Video) Cleanliness Activities at Hinglaj Nani Mandir at the Pilgrimage

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Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani is working as Conservator of Forests in Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department (BFWD). He is the CEO of Tech Urdu ( Forestrypedia (, All Pak Notifications (, Essayspedia, etc & their YouTube Channels). He is an Environmentalist, Blogger, YouTuber, Developer & Vlogger.

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