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Introduction to Aesthetic Plantation

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Introduction to Aesthetic Plantation 

(Seminar) By Sher Ahmed Kurd

·       ‘’As conscious planting of the flora with the object of beautifying the area from the artistic point of view’’.
·      It includes the planting of ornamental flowering trees along city road, in park public places and compound of a house.
    Development of national parks for the preservation of beautiful non-carnivores animals and the creation of bird sanctuaries.
·       Aesthetic planting, of course, embraces landscape gardening; as well but it is a much wider term.
Background History:
·       Started 175 years ago in Europe
·       75 years ago in Subcontinent
·       55 years ago in Pakistan

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Choice of Species for Aesthetic Plantation
      The following factors should be however governing this choice:
                          I.          The tree should be well adapted to the climatic conditions of the locality.
                       II.          The tree may be chosen for the colour of their flower.
                    III.          The tree planted should not drop untidy litter.
                     IV.          It is not advisable to plant fruit trees on the town roadsides for the same reason as for highway planting.
                        V.          The tree should be moderately fast but not very fast grown.

Places Suitable for Aesthetic Plantation
·       Public places which belong to the community
·       Public parks
·       public roads
·       platforms of railway stations
·       compounds of hospitals
·       universities, colleges and schools
·       ancient historical buildings

Avenues for National and State Highway
·       main function of a roadside avenue is shade
·       tree which are quick growing and provide dense shade should be selected
·       The trees selected should provide shade not on the side, but also in the centre of the road
·       tress with an umbrella or sub-umbrella crowns like Neem, imli, and Mango are more suitable then trees with linear elongated crowns
·       Brittle trees and thorny should be avoided on the roadside avenue because brittle trees have weak wood and break easily in the wind storm. The result is the heavy block of traffic for considerable lengths of time and during a storm
·       This tees as a positive be avoided as their thorns are a nuisance for the pneumatic tires of small cars, cycles and motorcycles.

Avenues for Town ways
·       Some experts recommended double avenues of trees on the outer sides of the footpaths
·       where wider roads are available and outer row of shade trees and an inner row of ornamental flowering trees
·       The function of the outer row is shade only so it should be ornamental flowering trees

Planting for Home Garden
·       Ornamental trees should be planted only on the outer boundaries
·       A number of trees and shrubs which emit fragrance at night time, especially during rains such as Gardenia lucida, G. Florida, G. latifolia. These can be planted to their best advantage opposite window and doors, of bed rooms, so that one ma enjoys their fragrance in the evenings particularly in the summer months.
·       Hedges form an important component of the garden in the compound of a house.
·       A variety of cypresses and thuja (Mor-pankh) forms excellent hedges.
Dwarf Ornamental Trees Suitable For Small Compounds
a.    Flowering Trees
Bauliminia variegata, Butea frondosa, Cassia fistula, Crataeva religiosa, Jacaranda mimosaefolia, Brownea coccinea, B. ariza, Lagarstoramia spp, Mesua ferrea, Ponogatima glubra, Saraed indica, Sapthodea nilotica, Stercua colorata, Tecommella undulta. Fragrant Trees and Shrubs:
Alestonia scholaris, Anthocaphalus indicus, Gardenia lucida, G. Florida, G. latifolia, Ixora parviflora, Lawonia Alba, Magnolia grandiflora, Murraya exotica.
a.    Trees with ornamental foliage:
Callistemon lanceolatus, Citharexylum subserratum, Polyalthia longifolia.
b.    Trees with ornamental fruits:
Hazara orange. 
Ornamental Trees Suitable For Big Compounds
a.     Beautiful flowering trees:
Lugerstroemia flosreginae, Bombex ceiba, Millingtonia hortensis, Cassia nodosa, Peltophorum ferragineum, Poinciana regia, Colvillsu rascemosa.
b.    Fragrant trees:
Eucalyptus (all species) particularlay Eucalyptus citriodara, Phyllanthus emblica , Terminalia arjune.
c.     List of Hedges:
Citrus medica, Dodonea viscose, Gardenia augusta, Murraya exotica, Susbenia spp, Durranta alba, Ligustrum lucidum,Thuja orentalis.

Railway Stations
·       Avenues of Amaltas, Perian lilae, and larger stroemia will give them a touch of colour.
·       A platform without trees will add to the discomfiture of passengers who often have to wait for long on it for their trains

·       By planting flowering trees on platforms of stations, we will not only be beautifying them but will also be educating the citizen in aesthetics.
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Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani is working as Conservator of Forests in Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department (BFWD). He is the CEO of Tech Urdu ( Forestrypedia (, All Pak Notifications (, Essayspedia, etc & their YouTube Channels). He is an Environmentalist, Blogger, YouTuber, Developer & Vlogger.

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