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Jamb: [14th century. Via Italian gamba or Old French jambe “leg” < Greek kampē “bend, joint”] 1. upright support: either of the upright parts of a door or window frame or the sides of a fireplace 2. The vertical sides of a door or window opening which support the door or window frame.

J-root: A root, especially a seedling tap root, having a sharp bend greater than 90, shaped like a J. Frequently introduced by inappropriate planting.
Junipers: Junipers are gymnosperms that are in the division Coniferophyta and the Family Cupressaceae characterized by fruits that are blue and woody that looks somewhat like blueberries and have overlapping scale-like leaves.

Juvenile spacing: See precommercial thinning

Juvenile wood: An inner layer of xylem surrounding the pith, in which the cells are smaller and/or less structurally developed than those of the outer xylem. The period during which it is formed is termed the juvenile period; it varies between individuals and with species and environmental conditions.

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