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Kerf:  Width of a cut made by a saw.
Snow Leopard1Key spp: A spp which maintains the community diversity, food chain, food web complexity of an ecosystem is knows as the key spp of that particular ecosystem eg Snow leopard. (Pic)

Kg and Pile: A site preparation method in which stumps are pushed up, sheared off, or split apart by a specially designed blade mounted on a bulldozer. Debris is then piled or placed in long rows (wind rows) so that an area can be bedded or flat planted.

Kg Blade: A bulldozer-mounted blade used in forestry and land-clearing operations. A single spike splits and shears stumps at their base.
Khal: Channels in Irrigated Lay out. Its dimensions are: depth 1 ft, width (upper) 3 ft, width (lower) 2 ft. Its length is usu 240 ft. One khal waters two Centers.
Killing Technology: WTO is developing certain seeds which will germinate only once.
Kiln: A structure heated by gas, steam, or electricity, in which lumber is dried under controlled conditions to desired moisture content.
C:Documents and SettingsUsmanMy DocumentsNew Folder (3)Tree Identification_filesknigdoms.jpgKingdom: Each of the three groups, animal, vegetable, and mineral, into which natural organisms and objects are traditionally, as opposed to scientifically, divided.
Knot:  That part of a branch that has been incorporated into the main stem.
Knotty core: The central core of wood in a pruned tree that contains knots.

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