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Landslips Stabilization

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General Consideration:

  • The collapse of part of a mountainside or cliff so that it descends in a disintegrating mass of rocks due to the movement of underground water and earth is called landslip.
  • If vegetation is removed, then slopes are suspected to move downward causing erosion.
  • The main agent involved is underground water which when causes upper layer of soil to slide downward aided by gravity.
  • We can plant trees to increase transpiration and to remove subsoil water.
  • Engineering techniques may be helpful
  • Diversion channels, Nalahs, and channels should be lined with stones
  • Check dams will be constructed but the bottom bed or foundation of check dam should reach the rock
  • Breast walls to hold the uphill slope
  • Make slope less steep

Choice of Spp:

  • All engineering works should be accompanied by afforestation and reforestation practices
  • Selection of indigenous flora is logical to decrease the wetness of sub-soil layer.
  • Spp will be fast growing, deep-rooted and evergreen and hardy as well
  • Vegetative growth like from stakes, root suckers, cuttings, etc should be preferred like for poplar, willow, Robinia, etc
  • Prevent from grazing and browsing.

Image: Snoqualmie Valley Record

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