Management of Chilgoza (Pinus gerardiana) – Species Management

Ø  Local Name:               Chalghoza
·       A medium size tree 12 to 18 meter tall with diameter 0.4 meter.
·       The crown is short and rounded.
·       The branches are flat or curved.
·       The needles are in THREES, 3.6 to 12 cm long and dark green.
·       There are two winged seed beneath each cone scale.
·       Seed is shed in September to October.
·       It is found in the inner dry valleys of, Chitral, Kurram, Upper Swat, Dir-Kohistan, Astore, Shinghar, Upper Kaghan, Gilgit, Skardu, and Zhob.
·       It prefers well-drained soils and will not grow on heavy of wet sites.
·       It is drought hardy and is well adapted to a precipitation zone of 370 to 750 mm/year.
·       It prefers a semi-arid, cool temperature climate with temperature -20 to 350C at an elevation between 2000 to 3000 meter (6600′ – 9900′),
·       It is frost hardy and grows in pure stand, in small groups or scattered individual trees.
·       It is a slow growing tree that is adapted to harsh sites.
·       It is reproduced from seed. Seeds are low viability.
·       Because of the value of edible seed, Natural Regeneration is almost impossible. The future depends upon the protection of this tree.
·       The colour of the Sapwood is white to yellowish and hardwood is high reddish brown to dark brown, RESINOUS.
o   USES
·       Food (Pine nuts), Medicinal (Pine nuts), construction, fuelwood.
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