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Peanut Crop: Site Preparation and Seed Germination

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On 28th October 2022, Doctor Khan Waseem Razzaq briefed us about our activities. The first task given to us was the germination of peanuts seeds, measuring and clearing the planting site. We were divided into two groups and we were six members in each group. Two of us as volunteers were sent to clear and measure the planting site while the other members were preparing and peeling peanut seeds.

On the planting site, the planting area was cleaned by our group members so that there would be no competition between our desired crop and other extra weeds. 38 meters in length and 9 meters in width planting bed was prepared for the germination of seeds. Measuring tape and stick were used in this process as shown in Fig 1 and Fig 2.

Peanut Crop: Site Preparation and Seed Germination -

In this task, Hendry and Ahmad Syukri went to the site to prepare the crop bed, while Jonathan and Novy were peeling the skin of the peanuts (Fig 3 and Fig 4). Brenda and Sarah were preparing the seedling trays with sandy loam soil. The soil is made up of sand, silt, and clay further this soil has an ideal pH range and is slightly acidic which is helpful for peanut germination. For preparing seeds, we need to soak the peanuts in water and mix it with an anti-fungal solution overnight so it is easier to peel off the skin. The anti-fungal solution is used to avoid moldy peanuts before we germinate them into the soil. Peeling off the peanut skin is so fun and entertaining, yet it requires a lot of patience. Fortunately, Hendry and Ahmad Syukri finished with their site preparation of the crop, so they came to help us.

Peanut Crop: Site Preparation and Seed Germination -

After the peeling off the peanuts, it has been placed in four germination trays. We used our fingers to make a small hole in the middle of the soil about 1 inch deep to place the peanut seeds in trays. The peanut seeds need to be placed in the trays so that the position of its spout should be at the bottom. This position helps the peanuts to grow easily. We placed two peanuts in each hole, then we filled it with sandy loam soil. Lastly, Finally, germination trays were stored in the farm store neatly so that we can carry out the next process to plant the seedling at the crop border.

By: Hendry Anak Sabang, Jonathan Faladho Bin Jaifol, Ahmad Syukri Bin Keria, Novy Erlize Sebinting, Sarah Hannani Binti Ahmad Fikri, Brenda Elesta Wais

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