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What is Photo Mosaic? List three different types of photo-mosaic?

            “An assemblage of overlapping aerial photographs whose edges have been matched to form a continuous photographic representation of a portion of the earth’s surface is called mosaic.”
The assemblage is usually re-photographed and may be reprinted at any scale.
In a strict sense, a mosaic is an assemblage of photographs whose edges have been cut and carefully matched to form a single, continuous photographic representation.
The main types of mosaics are:

  1. Index mosaic.
  2. Un-controlled mosaic.
  3. Semi-controlled mosaic.
  4. Controlled mosaic.

Index mosaic:
Index mosaic is a very rough mosaic, prepared for the purpose of providing an index to the individual photographs. (See the figure: in this picture (pic of Asim Bhai) say an Ariel photo_ 9 pieces are joined together to form a single picture) The margin of each photograph is clearly labeled so that the observer can quickly determine which piece covers a particular area.
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  1. Uncontrolled mosaic:

The uncontrolled mosaic is a mosaic in which prints are laid together without being ratioed or rectified.

  1. Semicontrolled mosaic:

If the ground control of the mosaic is limited, the mosaic is known to be semi-controlled.

  1. Controlled mosaic:

If rectified and ratioed photographs are laid down over a control network, the assemblage is called a controlled mosaic.

  • Mosaics are prepared for all areas photographed because they serve the following purpose:
  • Mosaics are considered a map substitute and they may be used to control work where an adequate base map is not available.
  • Since a mosaic represents a compact and continuous pictorial representation of the area, it is convenient to consult and to locate areas in relation to each other.

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