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Pistacia khinjuk

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Pistacia khinjuk. Family


Pistacia khinjuk. English Name


Pistacia khinjuk. Local Name

Khanjak, Shna

Pistacia khinjuk

Pistacia khinjuk. Description

A tree 6 to 12 m in height. Young foliage has a beautiful dark tinge. Flowers between April and May. Gall formation is quite common. It has no known insects’ problems. It is easily reproduced from seed. Growth is slow. Seedlings grow in height at the rate of 8 cm/yr. Grows naturally as scattered trees and has never been managed as stands of trees. Seedlings raised in nurseries were planted in Ziarat with 50% success in the field due to biotic and climatic factors. Also successfully established by direct sowing in pits. Close grained, very hard and durable

Pistacia khinjuk

Pistacia khinjuk. Distribution

A tree of very wide distribution, extending from Pakistan through Mediterranean to Spain. Natural in Balochistan. Grows in dry and harsh climate in the open. Can stand temperatures of less than 0°C and grows with as little as 250 mm rainfall annually.

Pistacia khinjuk

Pistacia khinjuk. Uses

Used as fruit, fodder, fuel, tuber, medicinal (oil, resin), dye and tannins (leaves)

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