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Protection of Nursery

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A constant watch should be kept on the nursery for fungal or insect attacks. Moreover, consider other problems ie grazing, wind, and burrowing animals.

Protection against burrowing animals:

A wire mesh is buried in the soil or passed under the ground in such a way that half of it should be in the air. The depth under the soil is 2ft.

Protection against birds:

Thorny bushes are placed over seedbeds. The frame of wire gauze is also used which is usually placed on the seed beds.

Protection against grazing animals:

Grazing trenches are dug up or wire fencing is done.

Protection against rainfall and hail:

A wire cover should be provided over seedbed.

Protection against the wind:

Hedges are raised which are normally tall.  In winter they are cut down for sunlight.

Protection against insects and diseases:

Spray and fungicides or herbicides should be made if the crop is attacked by some fungus, etc.

Protection against frost:

Polythene sheet covers are used which also control the temperature and helps in growth.

Image: Plastic Sheet over Nursery Beds (of Conocarpus Spp). | Dera Murad Jamali Naseerabad | March 19. 2018 | Captured by Author.


By plant protection, it is meant providing such conditions to plants in which they can grow vigorously or keeping away the plants from different hazards.

Different techniques were adopted in the past for different types of damages at different plant stages, which are as under:

  1. Protection measures against grazing
  2. Fire protection and controlled burning
  3. Protection against frost
  4. Special measures against climbers
  5. Protection against defoliators

Protection measures against grazing

  • Appointment of few cattle guards
  • Enclosing the plantation areas
  • Repellants _ wood tar and asafetida (a bitter brownish acrid-smelling plant resin) are smoked on the leading shoots on plants which are liable to be browsed
  • Fencing

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