Punjab to Formulate Water Management Policy to Address Water Shortage

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Punjab to Formulate Water Management Policy to Address Water Shortage

As per the recent reports from experts, Pakistan may face a shortage of 31 Million Acres Feet (MAF) of water by 2025. The Punjab Government has decided to prepare a new Water Management Policy aimed at stopping wastage of water and preserve it to overcome the serious water shortage in the country.

Pakistan is an agri-based economy so the water scarcity poses a grave threat to Pakistan’s economy.

The provincial government has decided to make new legislation to address the pressing issue.
Sources in the provincial government said that Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has ordered formulation of a new water management policy. The chief minister has instructed all the provincial departments to furnish recommendations regarding the proposed policy.
A joint meeting of all provincial departments has been convened next week to finalize the proposals and recommendations for the formulation of water policy at the provincial level.
Provincial government officials say that water shortage is a pressing issue Pakistan and the province is presently faced with. They opined that the issue can only be addressed and resolved through holistic approach and policy encompassing all aspects of the issue and measures to address it.
They said that only construction of large water reservoirs will not be enough rather preservation of water, management and conservation are also needed to be taken up on an urgent basis.
The proposed provincial water policy will lay down clear guidelines and measures for the efficient supply of water and controlling the wastage of the precious resource.  The policy will also provide guidelines for installing tube-wells and pumping water out through these wells.
The government is also mulling to monitor the flow of water to control wastage and depletion of water reservoirs.
The government will legislate a new law titled as Provincial Water Policy and Ground Water Act 2018 from the provincial assembly.
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