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Quadrat: A small, clearly demarcated sample area of known size on which observations are made.
Quarry: [14th century. < medieval Latin quarreia < Old French quarriere < quarre “square-cut stone” < Latin quadrum “square”] An open excavation from which stone or other material is extracted by blasting, cutting, or drilling
Quarrying: The open side of a natural rock from which useful stone is obtained by digging, blasting, drilling or cutting is called Quarry and the process is known as Quarrying.
Queen closer: The portion of a standard brick made by cutting it across the length into halves. (Pic at header)
Quincunx planting: Setting out four young trees to form the corners of a square with a fifth tree at its center.
Quoins: Outer corner: the outer corner of a wall (Pic at header)

Quoin brick: The brick which forms the external corner.
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