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The pleasurable and constructive use of spare time is known as recreation.

Concept and interpretations of recreation

  1. Like for children boating is a fun.
  2. The morning walk or jogging is routine.
  3. Movies, music
  4. An activity that resets men for work – Traveling
  5. Like for a student game is a change from his daily study
  6. Activity, which is participated in any time and anywhere, merely for the enjoyment, it affords. Games, poetry etc
  7. Recreation may be physical; it provides intellectual esthetic or emotion outlets. Travailing.
  8. Use of free time is varying definitely individual and personal. For children, games, for young adventure, and for elders jogging.
  9. Recreation for one person is work, for another boring. Games, traveling, boating
  10. Time factor. Morning walking, night party. Season
  11. Need, preference and options, young need fast recreation; they prefer adventure events, an option between games, adventure and traveling.
  12. “Constructive” means beneficial to individual and society. Trophy hunting.

Relation of leisure and spare time

  1. Leisure is positive and in abroad sense, productive. Like if you managed your spare time use positively
  2. It does not denote aimless indolence, relaxation
  3. Spare time may have negative implications Do nothing.
  4. Some time beneficial

Recreation benefits

The reward of recreation depends upon their nature

  1. Rest gives a relaxation from the daily routine. Watching movies
  2. Relaxation (change from normal working day activity) join the club
  3. Create (new games, new adventure)
  4. Recreate ( safe the heritage)
  5. Improve social relationship (parties, rally, nation game events)
  6. Balance the life (maintain the health)

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