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Schinus molle Linn.

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Schinus molle Linn. Family


Schinus molle Linn. English Name

The Pepper Tree

Schinus molle Linn. Local Name

Nakli kali mirch

Schinus molle Linn

Schinus molle Linn. Description

A large shrub or small evergreen tree. The leaves are compound 12 to 20 cm long with 15 to 27 leaflets or more on each leaf. The leaflets are small, and lance shaped. The flowers are very small and appear between February and March. The fruit is a drupe, 0.8 mm in diameter. It ripens from August to September. Grown easily from seed. It can be coppiced. Fairly rapid growing. Grains are twisted, medium fine, somewhat uneven.

Schinus molle Linn

Schinus molle Linn. Distribution

The tree is native to Mexico, Chile and Brazil. In Pakistan it is commonly planted as an avenue tree in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar. Under cultivation it can be grown on very dry sites with a rainfall of as low as 250 mm/yr. Wind stress will result in a bushy growth form.

Schinus molle Linn

Schinus molle Linn. Uses

A good avenue shade tree but trees may be damaged during the collection of the fruit. Although the fruit looks like a spice it has no food or spice value. A useful tree for arid zone afforestation. Also used for Ornamental, medicinal, fuel wood purposes.

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