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Seed Testing

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There are three things which are tested in seed:

  1. Purity _ how much debris are present with seeds
  2. Germination percentage
  3. Seed availability

Seed Purity:

            Suppose we have collected some seeds, naturally some debris will come with then suppose their weight is 100 kg. Now clean the seeds and weigh the seeds again. Let the weight be 50 kg which implies that purity of the seeds is 50%.
It can be shown by the following formula:
Seed Testing - Forestrypedia
WO = weight of seeds + debris
W1 = weight of debris


For Small Seeds:

For this purpose, we take the file clay plate and put in a dish of water which has a number of depressions and is covered with glass to maintain moisture.
(Fig showing laboratory test for seed test)
Seed Testing - Forestrypedia

For Large Seeds:

For this purpose, a shallow box is filled with sand, sawdust or light soil. Vermiculate mica is also used nowadays and then germination is tested.


By Direct Inspection:

Put the seed on the table and if the seed has an embryo, it is viable otherwise not.

Physical Test:

Put the seed in water and if the seed is viable, it will settle down.

Chemical Test:

Put the seed in the colored chemical. The seeds which are dead become colorful and others remain the same.

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