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Slow Growing Vs Fast Growing Species

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Slow Growing Spp:

All softwood spp are slow growing. If we are selecting slow-growing spp then the following points should be kept in mind.

Low income on long return:

Because of their long rotation, there is always a fear whether the spp which we are going to plant will be beneficial after long rotation or not.

Unknown value of timber after long rotation:

It is always a problem to predict whether these spp will be of any use or not, whether after many years these spp are demanded by consumer or not.

Exposure of soil:

As we know that all softwood spp are planted for purpose of timber. They are slow growing; they are not planted over large scale because for a long time they do not cover the soil.

Fast Growing Spp:

Generally, all broad leaved spp are fast growing. They are generally used for small wood production and timber. E.g. Poplar is used in match industry and mulberry in the sports industry.

Fast growing spp are useful on account of following reasons.

Use for industrial purposes:

All fast growing spp are used for industrial purposes. Some of the fast-growing spp are: i) Eucalyptus spp ii) Simal iii) Poplar iv) Salix, etc.

No predictability problem:

As the rotation age of fast growing spp is short so there is no fear whether these spp will be demanded after rotation or not eg poplar of one year as well as of 6 years can be used for industrial purposes. Moreover, the rotation of mulberry is 15 years and that of Salmalia is 20 years.

Can be grown for multipurpose:

Sometimes one spp can be used for only one purpose where the industry is present. So if the industry is not present, those spp should be planted which can be used for multipurpose.

No Silvicultural Problems:

As the slow-growing spp have a long rotation so they require weeding, thinning, etc. on the other hand the fast-growing spp cover the ground rapidly so there is no need of such Silvicultural operations.

Proper Management is required:

Fast growing spp have irrigation problems. These spp always need management like the agricultural crops.
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