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Sowing and Planting

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By sowing means to scatter or plant seed on an area of land in order to grow crops whereas planting means to put a plant, or tuber into the ground to enable it to grow.

Advantages of planting:

  1. Planting, as a rule, is a surer method and uses the minimum no of plants required to cover the area.
  2. Plants give a valuable start.
  • Species difficult to rise by seeds are propagated by planting.

Disadvantages of Planting:

  1. It is a costly/ expensive method.
  2. It is labor dependent.
  • When the plants are taken from nursery to planting site, very much ease is required.
  1. Planting requires skilled labor
  2. For planting, maintenance of nurseries is required to get sufficient stock at right time.


  • if good results are required, sowing is preferred over planting
  • planning should be restricted to difficult spp and difficult sites

When the plants are raised in containers and planted, great care is required to give minimum disturbance to roots.
Image: Planting in Govt Boys Degree College by Students, Teachers, and District Officers | 9th February 2018 | Green Pakistan Programme. Image by Author.

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