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Here is how to Identify Unknown Plants using Visual Recognition Software

It happens sometimes that we come across any plant and want to know what plant it is. Identifying a plant

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Water Recharge Boring – Saving Crops and Increasing Water Table

In this video, you’ll see how a water-recharge boring is collecting water from a heavily submerged crops field and storing

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Important Information about SEEDs of Forest Species | No of Seeds Per Kg and Ripening Period

Number of Seeds Per Kg and Ripening Period مختلف درختوں کے بیجوں کی تعداد فی کلوگرام اور بیج کی پختگی

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Takwara D.I. Khan | Domanzi Karak| Kashoo Bannu | Gambila | Barati Machankhel | Adami Tortala Bannu | Billion Tree Tsunami Program

Takwara D.I. Khan Plantation | Domanzi Karak Plantation | Kashoo Bannu Plantation | Gambila Plantation | Barati Machankhel Plantation |

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Saw-Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus)

Saw-Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus) of Pakistan Saw-Scaled Vipers Saw-scaled viper, (genus Echis), any of eight species of small venomous snakes (family Viperidae) that inhabit arid

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