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The Ecological Studies done so far in Pakistan

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Ø  There are several studies done in Pakistan but some of them are listed below:
1.       Ecological study of the Riverain forests in Sindh, Pakistan by Qadri, S.M.A. (1955).
2.       Ecological observation in irrigated plantation and riverian forests of Pakistan by A.H. Khan (1961).
3.       Manual of silviculture for Pakistan. Dr. G.M. Khattak, PFI (1965).
4.       Highway plantation in West Pakistan. Evergreen Press, Lahore. A.S. Khan. (1963).
5.       Flora of Governor House, Lahore. Department of Agriculture. M.I. Sheikh (1967)
6.       Cultivation prospects of exotic and indigenous poplars in Pakistan. Beg, A.R. (1975).
7.       Flora of Pakistan. Department of Botany, University of Karachi. S.I. Ali.
8.       Hundred drugs plants of West Pakistan. PFI. Zaman, M.B and Shariq, M.K. (1970).
9.       Forest and forestry in Pakistan. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1977)
10.     Farm forestry and its Economics. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1976).
11.     Study Report on fast-growing species project. M.I. Sheikh. (1973).
12.     Poplar plantation in Pakistan. M.I. Sheikh. (1971).
13.     Economic of growing willow. PFI. M. Nawaz (1959).
14.     Pakistan soil survey project, FAO, PFI. (1971).
15.     History of forests management in Pakistan. PFI. G.M. Khattak. (1976).
16.     Exotic poplars in Pakistan. M.I. Sheikh. (1972).
17.     Flora of Pakistan. Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad. Hassan-ud-Din and Shahina. (1980).
18.     Cultivated trees, shrubs and climbers gardens of Pakistan. Taxonomic studies. Pakistan Council of scientific and individual research, Jamrod Road, Peshawar. Malik Saddiqa and Shahid Frook M.H. (1984)
19.     Decoration flora of Karachi. Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. Nasir, M.H. (1982).
20.     Manual for landscape horticulture. PFI. Yousaf and M.I. Sheikh.. (1986).
21.     Afforestation in arid and semi-arid areas of Pakistan. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1983).
22.     Performance of Populus deltoids. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1982).
23.     Management study of hybrid poplars. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1982).
24.     Forestry, watershed, range and wildlife management in Pakistan. PFI. Anon. (1983).
25.     Afforestation in juniper forests of Balochistan. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1985).
26.     Energy plantation techniques for marginal lands and problematic areas. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1986).
 27.    Monograph of Acacia nilotica. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1989).
28.     The problems of waterlogged and salinity and role of trees and grasses in reclamation. PFI. F.U. Ahmad. (1983).
29.     Monograph of Dalbergia sissoo. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1987).
30.     Species adaptation and silvicultural system for waterlogged areas. PFI. Chaudry, M.S.A. (1986).
31.     Populus euphraic in Pakistan. PFI. K.M. Siddiqui. (1995).
32.     Suitable tree species for different ecological region and civil division of Pakistan. M.I. Sheikh. GOP-USAID-Islamabad. (1992).
33.     Trees of Pakistan. M.I. Sheikh. GOP-USDAID-Islamabad. (1993).
34.     Manual for planting poplars. PFI. M.I. Sheikh. (1990).
35.     Some fodder trees of Pakistan. M.I. Sheikh. GOP-USDAID-Islamabad. (1991).
36.     Plants of Pakistan. PFI. M. Shabir Mughal. (1009).
37.     The vegetation mapping in the Panjul Forests of PFI. Rainer Mtthey, GTZ (1988).
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