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The Golden Beach of Hingol National Park Balochistan

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Introduction to Ras Malan

Ras Malan is located in district Lasbela of Balochistan Province. It is located in Tehsil Uthal of district Lasbela in Union Council Liari. This area lies in Hingol National Park of Balochistan and has a very important role in the Park Biodiversity.

A large number of wild animals especially Ibex, Chinkara and Urial are found in this area.

Geography of Ras Malan

Malan area is a unique complex of the desert, mountainous, and marine ecosystem. The area lies near the coast and has greater potential for different varieties of fish and hotspot for different migratory birds and wild animals.

Geographical location of Ras Malan

Ras Malan is located on Latitude 25.392129 N and Longitude 65.307214 E. It is at a distance of 5 – 10 Km from Mekran Coastal Highway.

Ras Malan Golden Beach

Demography of Ras Malan

The total number of households in Ras Malan is 300. Its total population is 730. The approximate population of 5-16 age children is 300. The population of Ras Malan is about 7% of the total population of Hingol National Park. The main language spoken by the people is Balochi.

Means of living

The major source of livelihood of the people of Ras Malan is fishing. People go to the Malan coast for fishing and contractors from other places come to the area and purchase the fish and pay the fishermen in lump sum. Main fish hunted are bhangra, loojars, soru, etc. Other collected items are lobsters, prawns, shrimps, crabs, etc.

Livestock grazing is another source of living of the people of the area. People have sheep, goats, and camels.

The Golden Beach

The Golden Beach (also known as Malan Beach) is the coastal areas of Ras Malan. Ras Malan in one of the important wetlands found in Hingol National Park and the Golden Beach is an integral part of it. This wetland is providing refuge and wintering grounds to the Pala-arctic migrant birds.

Every year more than 50 species migratory birds visit Ras Malan and the Golden Beach. The birds found here are Seagulls, Cranes, Pelicans, Flamingos, Herons, Egrets, Plovers, Lapwings, Stints, Sandpipers, Godwits, Shanks, Coots, Curlews, Falcons, and Osprey etc.

The Golden Beach is an important habitat for turtles. Green turtles specifically come to Malan beech and hatch on the coast. Being a very shy reptile, turtles prefer those beaches where there is less interference, especially from people. So, the Golden / Malan beach is an ideal site for hatching purposes.

The Golden Beach is home to a large variety of fish. The communities mainly depend upon fishing for their livelihood.

Due to lack of disturbance, dolphins are found on the Golden / Malan beach sporadically.

The Golden Beach having a magnificent Golden Sand Looking has the great potential of Eco-tourism.

Golden Beach Hingol National Park

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