Types of Fishes Found in Pakistan

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Name Structure Color Length Habit Spawning period
1. Theila
(Catla catla)
Body oblong moderately compressed, head broad, eyes situated in lower lip. Large regular scales. No barbells. Grayish on back. Silvery on sides and beneath the fins. Max. 6ft Fresh water and slightly in brackish water. No breeding in ponds. June-August
2. Rohu
(Labeo rohita) 
Body deep; dorsal profile more concave than abdominal; snout obtuse and compressed. Scaly, one pair of small maxillary barbells is present. Bluish or brownish along the back, silvery on the sides and beneath. Usually a red mark on each scale. Max. 3ft Fresh water river fish can live in slightly brackish water. Cultivation possible in ponds. June – August
3. Kalbans
(labeo callaso)
Body is deep and well built. Four barbells along the mouth. Mouth is narrow. Bluish Max. 3ft Fresh water river fish June – August.
4. Mirgal mori
(Cirrhina mrigala)
Body oblong, moderately compressed. Pair of barbells is present. Scales are present. Silvery dark grey Max. 3ft Fresh Water River fish; suitable for cultivation June – August.
5. Mahaseer
(Barbus eputitora)
Body oblong, compressed and streamlined. The length of head is greater than depth of body. Scales are broad. Two barbells are present on either side of the mouth. Dorsal region greenish and ventral whitish Max. 9ft Suitable for clear and cold waters of hilly rivers and streams. So cultivation on mountains and lakes at is possible. April –September
6. Trout
(Salmo spp)
  Body is short but stout (strong in structure). Head, upper region of body and dorsal fins are mottled with red and black spots. Small black spots are also present under lateral lines. 15 – 20 cm
It is found in clear, cold and fast flowing water. October to March
7. Mullee
(Wallago attu)
Body elongated and compressed. Head is broad. Two pairs of barbells are present. Dorsal fin is very short and without spices. Bluish to grey Maximum 6 feet Fresh water river and lake fish Monsoon
8. Chineese grass corp
(Ctenopharyngoden idellus)
Body elongated and moderately compressed. Head is broad with short and rounded snout. Barbells present. Scales are of moderate size. Dark grey above and silvery on belly Maximum 4 feet Fresh water river fish June – August.
9. Murrel
(Ophicephalus morulium)
Body compressed. Scales are of moderate size.
Back grayish, abdomen orange Maximum 4 feet
Fresh water river fish June – August.
10. Bhor
(Barbut tor)
Long, compressed and streamlined body. The length of head is less than depth of body. Body covered with broad scales. There are two barbells on either side of mouth. Silvery grey with red fins Maximum 4 feet   Hilly streams and river fish
April to September

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