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Yearling: A one-year-old seedling. (IFR)
Yield: The total production of volume at the end of a particular period. It is the sum of the volume of total timber produced from a forest plus the total volume of fuelwood. (See also: Annual/ Periodic yield, Final yield, financial yield, Intermediate yield, Sustained yield, Total yield)
Yield capacity: The total quantity of material per annum, of given spp that an area is capable of producing under normal conditions, so long as the factors of the locality remain unchanged. (IFR)
Yield determination: The calculation of the amount of material which may, over a stated period, be removed annually or periodically from a forest, or of the annual or periodic area over which felling may be made, consistent with the treatment prescribed. (IFR)
Yield regulation: A loose term generally applied to the determination of the yield and the prescribed means of realizing it.
Yield table: A table showing the progressive development of a stand at periodic intervals covering the greater part of its useful life on a given site. It usu includes average diameter and height, basal area, number of trees, and final yields, and may include volumes of thinnings and other data. (SAF) (See also: Empirical yield table; Normal Yield Table)
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