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Binomial Nomenclature

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From [Latin nomenclatura < nomen “name” + calare “to call”>]. It is concerned with the orderly application of names to texa in accordance with International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN).


The system of naming the organism/ plants is called Nomenclature.
The method of assignment of scientific names to the plants is termed as plant nomenclature. While binomial means the assignment of two scientific names to plants.
In binomial nomenclature, the scientific name of any plant is of two parts.  (i) Genus (ii) Specific epithet (the name based on a distinct and distinguishing feature of the plant which is permanently attached to it.)
For instance, the scientific name of Quetta pine is Pinus helepensis; where Pinus is the genus and helepensis is the spp name.

Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), a Swedish naturalist, who developed binomial nomenclature to classify and organize plants and animals.


  • International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) is used by botanist throughout the world which is written in English, French, and German by Uoss (1983)
  • Following are some important principles:
  • Botanical nomenclature is in independent of zoological nomenclature.
  • The application of names of taxonomic groups is determined by means of nomenclature types.
  • The nomenclature of a taxonomic group is based upon the priority of publication.
  • Each taxonomic group with a particular circumscription, position, and rank can bear only one correct name, the earliest that is in accordance with the rules, except in some special cases.
  • Scientific names of taxonomic groups are treated as Latin regardless of their derivation.

The rules of nomenclature are retroactive (effective from a past date.) when expressly limited.

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