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Relational ship between timber, fuel wood, forage, wildlife and Recreation etc

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Relational ship between timber, fuelwood, forage, wildlife, and Recreation etc.

Multiple uses of forest land is possible because the same area can yield timber, fuelwood, forage, recreation etc and have a close relationship with each other.
Under our climatic conditions and intensity of management, timber production is compatible with watershed protection. More vegetative cover will produce timber on one hand and will protect the soil against erosion on the other hand thus clean water is obtained from a forested area.
Production of fuel wood is associated with production of timber.
Multipurpose forest trees are planted to achieve a variety of benefits. For example, Acacia nilotica produces timber, fuel wood a fodder and at the same time increases soil fertility du toe fixing of atmospheric Nitrogen.
Improvement in vegetative cover provide better habitat for wildlife, so wildlife is also supported in this way.

Our present forest management system in hilly areas is also favourable for outdoor recreation. Because they provide a good landscape with all age groups of trees, green meadows and bare rock. Al these are the essential part of ecotourism.

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