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Choice of Site for Nurseries

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While selecting a site for the nursery, the following conditions should be noted.


Soil should be sandy loam so that it can hold moisture and place should be well-drained so that irrigation water should not stand over there.

Transportation Facility:

It should be close to the road so that approach to the nursery for the purpose of mgt and protection can be made easily. Moreover, in planting season transportation become easy.

Permanent Water Point:

It should have a permanent source of water so that in dry days there will be no problem of water.

Centrally Located:

The nursery should be located near the planting area for easiness.

Nursery area:

For 6’ × 6’ planting, an acre of the nursery is enough to keep plants of 1-2 years and can serve to 200 acres of plantation.

A standard nursery bed (for bed nursery) 40’ × 4’ sown with about 20 lbs of seed produce enough stump of suitable diameter to 1 acre of the teak plantation.

For deodar, 1 acre of nursery serves to 30 acres of plantation.

Nursery Layout - Foresetrypedia

Clean area:

Area of the site of the nursery should be cleaned and free of weeds, diseases, and insects.

Availability of labour:

Labour should be available for different operations such as sowing, ploughing, weeding, and planting, etc.

It should be close to the village for the frequent availability of labour. Labour should be close to the village for frequent available at reasonable wages and according to the work required.

Nurseries in hills:

If we want to raise the nursery in the hills, we should have proper consideration of slope and aspect.

Slope means that terraces should be at 10 ft distances and the slope should be gentle, not steep.

Aspect means elevation up to 7000 ft. Northern aspect is not suitable because above 7000ft growth is short in northern aspects, so southern aspect should be preferred under such elevations.

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