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Soil Preparation for Nursery

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The soil of nursery bed should have the following characteristics.

  • It should be light
  • It should be cohesive _ sticking, holding, or working together as a united whole
  • It should have enough organic contents
  • It should be fertile

It the soil has such characteristics; it can be used for seed sowing.

Soil preparation involves the following steps:


After selection of soil, it is plowed with the help of tractors or buffaloes. It will loosen the soil.


The plowed or tilled soil is then properly discited.


Discing and plowing are done before seed sowing and then from yard manure or animal dung is added in it in order to increase the fertility and water holding a capacity of the soil. Then seed sowing is done.

Image: Fogg’s Nursery & Mulch Supply


If appropriate steps are not taken for the maintenance of fertility in the soil, the crop percentage may fall.

Following steps are taken to improve fertility.


Every year some areas of the nursery are kept on rest. This rotates in the whole nursery but it is not a good method.


In temperate forests, leaf molds are used as organic manures. In planes, large pits are filled with leaves. Cattle manures are more satisfactory than horse dung.


Composite or artificial farmyard manure is obtained from vegetable wastes from clearing fire lines.

Green manures:

An alternative method is to raise a suitable crop and turn it into a soil as green manure leguminous crops are preferred.

Mineral fertilizers:

Organic fertilizers are added in the soil to make it more fertile.


Fencing may of the following types:

  • Live fencing _ hedge of thorny spp like Prosopis juliflora
  • Brushwood fencing _ used esp for roadsides or canal sides of spp like Zizyphus spp or Acacia spp
  • Stonewall _ drywall of about 4ft is effective against horned cattle
  • Trenches _ it can be effective protection at lower cost usu of 4 ft depth.
  • Strand wire fencing _ poles at corners at 12 ft; in between barbed wires at a 4ft distance
  • Wove wire fencing _ to strengthen the Strand wire fencing, diagonal bared wires are used to make a cross like shape from above of the top of the first pole to the bottom to the other.

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